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With its manufacturing and business-minded approach that has, for many years, been present across Europe, NOVOMATIC Italia is one of the key players in the Italian gambling market. Today, the company continues to assert itself as a global provider, operating at every stage of the gambling supply chain.

In Italy, the Group is companies headed by the NOVOMATIC Italia S.p.A holding company and split into three wider operational categories: 

The Concessionaires: Allstar, ADMIRAL Gaming Network, HBG Gaming and LottoItalia 

Gaming Operation: AllstarAlp.

Payment Institute: ADMIRAL Pay IP. 

Technology: Electro System. 




Allstar is the company that operates all the ADMIRAL halls present in Italy. The ADMIRAL Club brand designates a refined, welcoming environment, offering the best performing, most attractive games present on the market, in full compliance with the applicable laws. Its presence in the country has always been characterised by a constructive dialogue with public and private entities. AWP, VLT and betting centers are present throughout almost the entire central-northern part of Italy and are spreading to other parts as well. The halls enjoy the technological support of the NOVOMATIC ag Group as well as the know-how and experience gained all over the world. They feature smoking rooms in compliance with the law, restaurant services and experienced and friendly staff that have been appropriately trained to entertain customers and comply with the most recent regulations, to provide the highest level of support to players.

Since 2019 Allstar has also increased its specialization field by expanding its commitment in the field of AWP, in the maintenance of VLT and AWP equipment and in the distribution of products and services of the NOVOMATIC Italia Group, with the aim of improving the value of the points of sale served. The company has also incorporated Casino delle Alpi, active in Italy in the management of gaming rooms since 2011, and joined the NOVOMATIC iTALIA Group in 2016. The bingo concessionaire ADMIRAL Entertainment was merged into Allstar to expand the retail segment of the NOVOMATIC Italia Group, of which the company, with headquarter in Bolzano, is an expression. Finally, at the beginning of 2020 also the companies belonging to the Group, Fec and Novarmatic, active respectively in the retail and rental sectors, were incorporated in the Allstar world, completing the creation of a company active at 360° in gaming operations throughout Italy.


Alp S.r.l. was the result of a project which introduced Italy to the idea of creating venues entirely dedicated to gaming. Indeed, the purpose of the "La Palme" project was to introduce a new approach, which is more in line with the operating model of a Casino-type gaming hall. The first Le Palme hall opened at San Giovanni Teatino (Chieti) in March 2010. This venture required an enormous investment in terms of financing, communication, preparation and corporate image management. After consolidating its experience in Chieti, the Group decided to unroll a similar project in terms of range and significance, this time in Civitanova Marche. The third project, in Guardamiglio (Lodi) was completed in the second half of 2018, and in 2021 a new gaming hall opened in Roma Ciampino. Alp, which has been a part of the NOVOMATIC Italia Group since February 1, 2017, places particular emphasis on protecting minors and vulnerable persons. Based on the Player Care concept, which places the player at the core of its activities, the company provides guidelines for rational sector development and constant monitoring to ensure the regularity of the games and prevent illegal phenomena. The illegal market and compulsive gambling phenomena are prevented through the combined use of two approaches: regularisation of the services, which aims to diversify and enhance the offer, and control and monitoring of gaming hall issues.

Electro System

Electro System Electro System, born at the end of the 70s, produces and assembles electronic boards and industrial wiring. In the industrial electronics scenario, the company stands out for the technological innovation with which it produces and sets up its products and it updates its know-how constantly.