NOVOMATIC Italia renews the Legality Rating

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NOVOMATIC Italia has obtained the renewal by the Italian Antitrust Authority (AGCM) of the Legality Rating: a synthetic compliance indicator with high legality standards for Italian companies, showing the degree of attention paid to the correct management of its business.

The rating, according to the Law no. 62 of 18 May 2012, integrated by Resolution no. 27165 of 15 May 2018, is awarded by the Antitrust Authority and it is an important tool in order to recognize the best practices adopted by companies in Italy with a revenue of more than 2 million euros.

NOVOMATIC is particularly proud that, compared to the first year of achievement, there has also been a second upgrade. The Group has improved its position, going from the 2 "stars" obtained in 2017 to the additional "Plus" of 2019.

Central to the score is the upgrade of organizational systems in the area of compliance and the CSR framework, as well as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines implementation and the principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) report in the Group's CR world, of which NOVOMATIC Italia is a leading country, in addition to ISO 14001 certification and ISO 26000 standard recognition applied to the Group company's model of conduct in Italian business.

For the AGCM the companies' determination to be more conscious and improve the impact of their responsible presence both in the social and environmental context is fundamental: for the attribution of the score, aspects such as compliance with legality protocols contents to oppose the crime infiltrations, signed by the Ministry of the Internal Affairs; the adoption of an organization, management and control model in compliance with the Legislative Decree 231; passing through the strong control of the suppliers about the mafia infiltrations, the use of the financial flow traceability systems to contrast the money laundering, and the organizational models oriented to the prevention and the fight against corruption were analyzed.

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