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Presented the book "L'arte incontra il gioco. I AMatrice"

Corporate Responsibility -

On June 15, 2019  NOVOMATIC Italia's employees from Rome were invited to participate in the presentation of the book "L'arte incontra il gioco. I AMatrice " which tells the story of the rebirth of the playground "Don Giovanni Minozzi", rebuilt and reopened a year ago thanks to the joint efforts of the Italian public game concessionaires, including Admiral Gaming Network, concessionaire of the NOVOMATIC group.

The famous village of Lazio, seriously damaged by the earthquake of 24 August 2016, is a place particularly important to the people of Rome. Precisely for this reason, when it came to giving a concrete hand, the operators of the public game felt the need to intervene and contribute, as far as possible, in support of the people of Amatrice.

With this objective in mind, in the days following the earthquake, the mayor of Amatrice Sergio Pirozzi was contacted and from the confrontation with him was born "L'arte incontra il gioco", the project aimed at reconstructing a meeting point for children, young people and all earthquake victims, a play area designed in an halfway between a square (the ancient one, in fact, was completely destroyed by the earthquake and there is no certainty of when the new square will be rebuilted) and an outdoor exposition, thanks to the crossroads that runs through it and the four artistic installations created with great virtuosity and emotional involvement by the artists involved and selected by the Pavart Gallery in Rome.

Exactly one year later arrives the book-catalogue "L'arte incontra il gioco. I AMatrice", realized in collaboration with the Municipality of Amatrice and with the patronage of the European Commission, the Ministry of Defence, the Lazio Region and Anci-Lazio, which aims to tell the story of the project thanks to many valuable photographic testimonies: from the first inspections after the earthquake to the meetings after the first emergency, the reflections, ideas, first sketches, the inauguration and the emotions shared with the local administration, architects, artists and concessionaires who funded the project.

A book to tell the whole human, professional and artistic journey, together with the values of responsibility and promotion of the territory, which led to the reconstruction of a symbolic place for the local community. As Mayor Antonio Fontanella, present at the inauguration on June 15, explained: "Amatrice needed to find again the daily life as quickly as possible in a place that no longer existed, for this reason there was a need for a familiar place and meeting with their fellow residents, a space to meet and share ideas, memories, projects and hopes. The new Don Minozzi Park has performed this delicate task and created the basis for the rebirth of the community, particularly in the educational, social and cultural fields".

The Amatrice Playground can therefore enjoy a new life, together with the beautiful creations, made free of charge by renowned contemporary artists, and designed and built to remain artistic heritage of the Municipality of Amatrice. Also the book, like the new park "Don Giovanni Minozzi", has been realized thanks to the contribution of the companies Admiral Gaming Network, Codere, Gamenet, Hbg Gaming, Nts Network and Snaitech.

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