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Corporate Responsibility -

Once again NOVOMATIC Italia has chosen to support AGEOP, through the purchase of 1,500 Christmas packages for employees. The association has been welcoming and assisting children with cancer and their families during the period of treatment at the Sant'Orsola hospital in Bologna for thirty-five years.

Among the associative initiatives, particular importance is that of the "Grandparents Cloud": people who choose to give a part, even small, of their heritage through a "testamentary bequest". The association imagines grandmothers and grandparents taking the form of clouds because, in the eyes of the assisted children, they are transformed protecting them, allowing them to smile, never leaving them alone.

AGEOP RICERCA finances scientific research in the fight against childhood cancer. The association created a new structure, avant-garde and child-friendly, into the Pediatric Oncohaematology department in the Policlinico S. Orsola Malpighi in Bologna.

In fact, the acronym of the association AGEOP means in Italian language:

  • Welcome: offering every year 3 free houses to its young guests and their parents (A: accoglienza)
  • Parents: accompanied by specialist, economic, psychological and human support (G: genitori)
  • Delivery: supports researchers in the discovery of new treatments (E: erogazione);  
  • Organization: of rehabilitation projects (O: organizzazione);
  • Psychoncology: provides support from 3 specialized psychologists (P: psiconcologia).

AGEOP is one of the oldest project into NOVOMATIC Corporate Responsibility program. The Group has chosen the association not only for employees Christmas gifts, but most of all to support the numerous activities carried out at the Yellow House in Bologna where children are welcomed with their families, offering free all the help they need.

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