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CR Management Approach

Three points are key to the heart of our CR management: our values and principles, our stakeholders, and our materiality matrix.

Values and Principles

Our values and principles

Awareness of responsibility and, consequently, Corporate Responsibility, can only be effectively transferred to everyday life if both are based on strong core values. Only then can CR Management be credible and successful in the long term.

More about our values and principles:

Our stakeholders

The regular and constructive exchange with our internal and external stakeholders is important to us, which is why two special events take place once a year: the NOVOMATIC Responsible Gaming Symposium and the NOVOMATIC Stakeholder Dialog.

Our materiality matrix

At NOVOMATIC, we face up to our responsibilities. This requires an intensive and consistent analysis of the demands and expectations of our stakeholders in order to recognise topics and challenges which are relevant for both parties.

The opinion of our stakeholders is important to us.

The results from feedback through the partly informal, partly institutionalised exchange with our stakeholders flows into our CR Management. However, at regular intervals, we also question whether what we have recognised as important for us and our stakeholders still actually enjoys this priority in order to keep our CR Management up to date.