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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility activities are an impactful strategic challenge for the NOVOMATIC AG Group, a challenge which nonetheless creates meaningful added value for the business and the employees alike. The commitment to responsibly managing operations, based on an always responsible approach to gaming on the one hand and the cultural, social, scientific and athletic initiatives on the other have been completely transformed by the new restrictive regulations governing advertising and sponsoring activities. Being a reliable partner means basing our daily actions on social innovation, while also ensuring that every business unit is fully responsible, so as to disseminate the corporate culture to our employees, who are the linchpin of our organization.

Responsibility is by now a basic element of gaming, which is inherent in its very nature. Initially created in compliance with legal obligations connected to the activities of ADMIRAL Gaming Network, the holder of the entertainment devices licence, the "Responsible gaming" programmes and activities have now expanded to include all legal entities and organizational units and have also differentiated thanks to the ongoing comparisons conducted by experts, which involve the Group on an all-encompassing basis. To this end, these programmes were changed and adapted to take into account the peculiarities of the Group's licensee Allstar with its large gaming halls dedicated to Bingo, which is responsible for retail operations, given its experience with physical venues equipped with ADMIRAL Club devices.

Our Responsible Gaming framework, which focuses on newly-studied forms of non-drug-related behavioural addiction, derives from the in-depth analysis of the scientific research commissioned by the Group. Our employees are our most valuable capital and the linchpin of our operations. They are therefore the most appropriate of instruments: they receive dedicated training that goes beyond customer service and focuses mainly on prevention, within the limits of the law applicable to non-healthcare operators with regard to preventing incitement to squander money on gambling, pursuant to the Balduzzi Decree of 2012 (the law that changed the gambling sector). Given the sensitive sector in which we operate, our social impact is most certainly offset by the fact that we provide over 2700 jobs, making Novomatic one of the major sector players in terms of workforce. As innovators and technological leaders, we strive to ensure that our impact on the environment is reasonably low and aim to make our production compatible with the environment, using resources efficiently in order to create durable, high quality products. The same attention is devoted to the impact of our nation-wide commercial offer.

We have a direct commitment to ensure that we operate within a clear legal framework and only in markets that are regulated transparently and lawfully, protecting the rights of our customers and society as a whole. We have a distinct advantage represented by our ties with the local areas, whether through our large headquarters in Rome, the production facility in Rimini or the office in Busto Arsizio or the approximately 215 directly owned gaming halls operated by our colleagues who represent our commercial brands under the ADMIRAL name. Moreover, these local areas benefit from the activities of our industrial network and from the significant impact of our hiring policies which target professionals who are often very highly qualified. All this contributes to creating both regional and country-wide value, when selecting qualified suppliers of goods and services for the Group. The relations with different areas of the country have led us to disseminate our corporate mission through different solidarity projects and, within the limits set by the law, our support for the arts and culture. We do this in Italy and all the countries where the NOVOMATIC brand is present.



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