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Career Opportunities

IT - Information Technology

The IT department is the skeleton that supports the whole NOVOMATIC technological structure in our country. It is the cornerstone around which company life rotates and without which none of the conceiving, production or marketing of NOVOMATIC product and service operations could be brought to fruition. The IT management defines the technological innovation strategies and manages complex computer systems that distributes IT services to all employees of the Group, as well as to external clients. Furthermore, all phases of design and development of the games platforms software components are managed by the IT department, always being in favor of the best international practices and to the modern methods of Agile Development.


The NOVOMATIC AG Group production network includes sites in ten countries (including the central premises in Gumpoldskirchen and the Italian headquarters at Rimini), where gaming machines and equipment are produced. The services range from logistics to production and cabinet assembly, through to software installation, final tests and quality control. Our objective is to guarantee the most complete range possible of accessories for our products.

Staff & Business Unit

There is a variety of opportunities in staff positions (Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Communications, etc.) or in the particular structures of the gaming sector. Furthermore, the NOVOMATIC organization allows for better expression of one’s abilities in each of the Business Units, structured on the basis of specific spheres of proficiencies in the games market.


The NOVOMATIC AG Group has numerous ADMIRAL arcades and Bingo Halls. The offer promises high-quality entertainment, for which an orientation to the client and the best range of games and sports bets is essential, always with a vigilant eye on the respect and safeguarding of our clients.