Code of Ethics

Ethics and moral values go before any law, regulation and procedure. The actions of all human beings are based on the ethical principles they follow, which they have been taught in their respective social environments. Companies are made of people and are therefore rich in values. However, through their conduct, companies can also influence the social environment in which they operate.


The NOVOMATIC Italia Group has communicated its own values to its stakeholders within the widest scope of Social Responsibility:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Correctness
  • Good faith

By applying these values every day, it is possible to create value with integrity and to guarantee responsible entertainment.

Download: our Code of Ethics

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Application of these values is required of the Group's employees as well as all the people with whom we do business.

In its Code of Ethics, the NOVOMATIC Italia Group has expressed its business philosophy which is geared towards ensuring that we conduct ourselves ethically towards our customers, suppliers, business partners and third parties in general, that our employees protect and respect their personal data and dignity and that we actively protect the players who use the Group's products, while actively participating and protecting the environment, in compliance with the laws.

The Code of Ethics is a vital element that accompanies us every day, inspiring us to act in a way that follows the highest principles of transparency, loyalty and accuracy. By operating in compliance with the laws and the highest ethical values, we preserve and increase the most precious asset of all: REPUTATION.