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NOVOMATIC Italia and Unione Italiana Ciechi e Ipovedenti: the start of the courses to approach navigation for blind children

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The new courses, organized by the Unione Italiana Ciechi e Ipovedenti in Rimini and supported by NOVOMATIC Italia, are coming back for blind children who want to get closer to sailing. The teaching methodology is based on very simple principles, the same principles that make sailing a particularly suitable sport for blind people: the wind "feels", just as you "feel" the speed of the boat, in navigation, the only point of reference is the direction of the wind, in the open sea there are very few obstacles, which allows long navigation stretches with the direction of the wind as the only reference for orientation. In addition to individual motivation, the participants of the courses are required to have good concentration skills. Among other things, the management of a sailing boat, stimulates and trains the ability to focus and orientation, skills extremely useful in the everyday life of a blind person. The courses are structured in two parts: one strictly theoretical and provides that the use of simple teaching aids to allow children to understand the concepts and a 3-day cruise on board of VIVARA II. The course will last a total of 5 days. The boat used, particularly suitable for its reliability, sensitivity to operations and its marine qualities, has no specific adaptations and is armed with standard equipment.

Two days of life on board at the tourist port of Rimini with overnight stay on board.
In this phase the boat will be used as a classroom where you will learn the classification, the gaits and the use of equipment. Participants will become familiar with the boat and get used to moving on board. Short trips to the sea are planned. 

Three days of navigation with stops in Cesenatico and Cervia. In Cesenatico we will spend the night in the Leonardo port with a visit to the Maritime Museum. In Cervia there is the visit to the salt pans by bus. Ravenna's destination includes the sea trip and a half-day mini race with small boats.

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