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NOVOMATIC: all the new products presented in Rome under the banner of Responsible Gaming

Corporate Responsibility -

NOVOMATIC Italia chooses Federica Pellegrini as testimonial for its new Responsible Gaming campaign

This afternoon, the NOVOMATIC Group presented all its new products designed for the Italian market, alongside its most successful products. The management also announced the choice of Federica Pellegrini as testimonial dedicated to the Responsible Gaming campaign, who commented on her future commitment as follows: "I care that those who play, and who do it responsibly. The fun has to remain so. When it becomes something else, it's suffering, sometimes even drama. For this reasons I decided to be involved with ADMIRAL in a campaign to raise awareness of this issue. I believe in it a lot and I'll be severe.

RESPONSIBLE GAMING - The Austrian holding NOVOMATIC AG has long been involved with projects to raise awareness on these issues, in several European countries and not only in which the Group operates. The Italian project, which will be presented in its entirety and which will involve all the realities related to NOVOMATIC in Italy, also responds to the company policy that every communication will be permeated by the wish to spread a culture and a game philosophy capable of counteract and prevent addiction.

THE NEW PRODUCTS - NOVOMATIC presented exclusively NOVOCASH SMALL, NOVOCASH and NOVOCASH VLT. A line of products entirely assembled in Italy, which compared to normal money changers is enriched from a technological aspect, since it offers a complete control of the machine, also through a totally free portal, which allows you to track the exchange operations, keep the accounts of the device and set any alerts (via text message or email) to plan the refills and reduce downtime of the device. They can also be configured online with a few simple steps that allow optimal programming of the machine tailored to the needs of the arcade. These devices, such as games and cabinets, can also be customised. Security is also guaranteed by an access control system that allows the operator to monitor employees who managed operations.

All the NOVOMATIC AG software have been homologated on Sogema machines, starting from the X10.3, already available, and soon to be followed by the other software already on the market. New VLT games, that have passed Sogei homologation, are ready to be commercialized.

With the acquisition of Sogema Group, NOVOMATIC Italia is now able to offer all the game cards available on the market, for sale or rental, combined with the different models of cabinets, becoming more and more an all-round reference point for the automatic market.

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