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Cat’s Fortune

Game Facts

Reels: 5
Bet: 25 cent. 50 cent. 1 euro 2 euro 3 euro
Monitor: 19 pollici 22 pollici
Payout: 65%

Cat’s Fortune

The proverbial luck of the cat is the leitmotif of this game set in exotic China. Amulets, medallions, vents and sake characterize the game experience that unfolds on the classic 5 reels and 3 lines format. Elegant graphics, strongly influenced by oriental style, are the background of the epic challenge between Cat and Dragon, protagonists of the two bonus games of Cat's Fortune: Golden Cat and Golden Dragon.

Inside the Golden Cat Bonus the player selects one of the lucky amulets of the last line, which if it reveals one of the winning golden symbols assigns the equivalent, while in the Golden Dragon Bonus it is the garlands of amulets, red or yellow, that expand into the adjacent boxes assigning the equivalent of the summed symbols.  

Available in the most recent Elsy brand multigames

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