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Responsible Entertainment

This is not a contradiction. It is a value we believe in.

In all 50 countries in which we are present, the NOVOMATIC AG Group works to provide its customers with responsible entertainment. All our activities, from Corporate Social Responsibility to product communication, aim to provide efficient support to gamers, providing them with recommendations for an informed, controlled relationship with gambling, indicating to them that they have the option of receiving specialized consulting and support when requested. We operate responsibly and together we wish to strengthen our customers' self-responsibility, informing them of the potential risks of gambling, both at our physical venues or on our online platforms. To this end, we ensure that our operators are appropriately trained and available at the venues. We have created a different framework for each of our licensed areas:

This approach has been adopted to cover every type of player and all kinds of information required for the prevention of problematic conduct, right from the onset. Our efforts are in the spirit of a consolidated approach to Responsible Gaming: it is not just a logo, but a distinguishing feature, (Link), one of the cornerstones of our code of ethics.

Responsible gaming kit

Communicate responsibly: this is more than a slogan

The responsibility inherent in our marketing and communication efforts constitutes the foundation of our commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards that the NOVOMATIC Italia Group has set as its objectives. Download the Company's Manifesto.

Our corporate philosophy has placed us ahead of the current restrictive laws since we opted to forego aggressive messaging from the onset, precisely because we were aware of its inappropriateness: these types of messages constitute an unnecessary potential danger for customers, while providing no added value. The Group has complied with the direct and indirect advertising ban, while at the same time ensuring continuous monitoring. In line with its ability to anticipate the latest restrictive and precautionary laws applicable to gamers, the Group — on its own initiative — has created a splash page for each gaming website ... another Responsible choice, unique to this sector.

The aim is to prevent users who are surfing the web from inadvertently landing on one of our business sites. In addition to being a measure for protecting minors, the idea of a splash page initially came about in response to the advertising ban contained in the Dignity Decree, as a precautionary warning to consumers. Our intention is to protect all stakeholders, both customers and partners, to make the gaming sector increasingly safer.


How to ensure that a game remains just that.

In our halls and on our website, we have decided to provide suggestions to customers to prompt them to think and consider their approach to gaming and their habits. We consider our warnings so important that they are part of our Responsible Gaming Code, a set of guidelines and rules that we undertake and respect in full.

  • Before playing, define a set amount and specific time for playing the game
  • Never use money that has been borrowed or which has been earmarked for other purposes (e.g., rent, bills, gifts for children, etc.). Play for fun and never think of gambling as a source of income.
  • Learn the rules of the game and find out about the probabilities of winning
  • Always remember that you cannot affect the probability of winning
  • Never play if the game results in you neglecting social, family or professional commitments
  • Do not lie about the losses and amounts spent on gambling
  • Do not play after drinking alcohol or taking drugs
  • Take frequent breaks from gaming and never lose your self-control.

We recommend that you contact the following specialists in the event that you do lose control or simply for more information:

  • Contact details and addresses for SERD (Local Health Unit Addiction Service) offices closest to you, in your town/city and region.
  • Dedicated telephone number of the Italian National Institute of Health TVNGA – National toll-free number for gaming-related problems: 800 55 88 22. By calling these numbers, you can connect with professionals in this field, request information and obtain the assistance you require.

Probability of winnings

As a serious provider licensed to operate in the regulated market, we guarantee the pay-outs required by law, emphasising that winnings cannot be influenced by the skills and experiences of players on our products. For further details on the probability of winning, please refer to the information notes at https://www.adm.gov.it/portale/probabilita-vincita

Our commitment declarations, endorsed by the Annual Report:

  • We offer responsible entertainment and ensure that our products and services are used conscientiously.
  • We ensure that our employees are well-prepared insofar as the protection of players is concerned and that they are always alert and able to identify and address any problematic behavior they face.
  • Children and vulnerable persons are banned from accessing our services.