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One of our objectives is to guarantee the opportunity for our resources to operate in an excellent work environment. The benefits of the Italian Headquarters include:


We promote sport by involving our employees in events such as the marathon, football tournaments, paddle, etc.


The Headquarters combine effective supervision with the facility of access, accessibility and ease of parking. Big areas to relax and terraces with table football, where breaks can be taken in a young and informal environment.

Obviously, water and coffee are on us!

Work-Life Balance

Many of our employees benefit from a flexible time model in which they can organize their time in a balanced manner.

Our company events, such as the N-Day or the NOVOMATIC Olympics, are followed each year with the aim of promoting team spirit and a sense of belonging.

Others, like NOVOMATIC Overseas, have been designed to help raise awareness among employees of socially important issues, such as support for nautical services for people with disabilities, for therapeutic and educational purposes.

Other Benefits

We are able to offer our employees the possibility of enjoying various offers and services on good terms thanks to a series of partnerships.