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Legality rating

2019 Renewal of the Legality Rating

NOVOMATIC Italia has obtained the renewal by the Italian Antitrust Authority (AGCM) of the Legality Rating: a synthetic compliance indicator with high legality standards for Italian companies, showing the degree of attention paid to the correct management of its business. The rating, according to the Law no. 62 of 18 May 2012, integrated by Resolution no. 27165 of 15 May 2018, is awarded by the Antitrust Authority and it is an important tool in order to recognize the best practices adopted by companies in Italy with a revenue of more than 2 million euros. NOVOMATIC is particularly proud that, compared to the first year of achievement, there has also been a second upgrade. The Group has improved its position, going from the 2 "stars" obtained in 2017 to the additional "Plus" of 2019. 

Here the two certificates obtained in 2017 and 2019

FAI corporate golden donor

2018/2020 NOVOMATIC Italia Golden Donor of FAI

In 2018, an initiative started at NOVOMATIC Italia that accompanies the company and all its employees for the triennium of 2018-2020 in supporting and valuing our country. “There is no difference between the good of Italy and that of our company”: That is the motto which has inspired NOVOMATIC to register with the Corporate Golden Donor programme of the FAI (the Italian Environment Fund) which for 40 years has protected and promoted art, culture and the countryside, maintaining that the artistic-environmental inheritance is a fundamental resource for enhancing the whole nation. Through the FAI programme, NOVOMATIC has the opportunity of being actively involved in the activities of the association: carrying out voluntary work, participating in events, seminars and workshops to appreciate the care of the countryside and cultural assets that fall into the spirit of article 9 of the Constitution, and that represent an investment for present and future generations.


2015. The association for ministering to children with cancer, AGEOP honours NOVOMATIC Italia for its support

AGEOP has honoured NOVOMATIC Italia for the donation aimed at the creation of the «Casa Gialla» that welcomes child cancer patients and their families and also hosts support activities. Involvement with the Association was in research and packaging of products as Christmas gifts.